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Gran Canaria:

Cafe athens
Boulevard Faro Costa meloneras
1 espresso
Thick crema a bit acid taste, ok after taste
I rate it 5 on a scale 1 - 10

Restaurante la bodega
Faro de maspalomes
2 espresso at 1,5 euro
No crema, served in heated cup, a burned tastes, The aftertaste was burned and not very nice.
I rate it 3 on a scale 1 - 10

Playa del ingles

Grill guarapo
Avda. De Madrid, 1
1 espresso almost no crema, ok taste, a bit burned aftertaste
Rate 4 on a scale 1 - 10

Bahia felis
Restaurante pepitos
2 espresso Served in a heated cup that had the double size of a normal espresso, it had no crema, a weak coffe taste and almost no aftertaste
I rate it 3 on a scale 1 - 10

Las Palmas
21.12 .09
Cafeanta Catalina
Chagovira canarias
The round cafe in The middle of The place
2 espresso
Served in heated cup, was like a double espresso
Thin crema, nice taste, good Aftertaste
Rate it 8 on a scale 1 - 10

Gambrinus cerveceria
Calle secretario artiles
1 espresso very nice strong taste
Not a strong aftertaste but anyway nice
Rate 7 on a scale 1 - 10

Puerto Rico

Las palmas
Bonbons cafe, at the harbor
1 espresso
Good strong taste, well balanced, perfect aftertaste
Rate it 8 on a scale 1 - 10

Puerto de Morgan

Restaurante La lonja
At The harbor
1 espresso at 1,8 euro
Nice crema, funny taste Like instant coffee, ok aftertaste.
I rate it 4 on a scale 1 - 10

Santa lucia

Restaurante baez gonzalez
1 espresso
No crema, not a good coffe taste, weak aftertaste,
I rate it 2 on a scale 1 - 10

Las Palmas Airport

Cafe select, at the check in area
1 espresso, thin crema burned taste, had coffee "grums" at the bottom of the cup.
Not a good experience, a burned aftertaste.
I rate it 2 on a scale 1 - 10